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11th October - Sports pony grading - Heart of England Centre

Furzley Charaide was presented for the grading by owner Cath Harrison and ridden by Hannah Carrick, taking part in the inhand assessment in the morning and then the jumping in the afternoon, Charaide passed the assessment obtaining a covering licence for 2010 and was also approved by the BSJA

3rd October - Dressage - New Park Equestrian Show

Furzley Marinaide - 1st place in both the WT and Prelim, ridden by Sandra

1st October - Pre-sale foal show - Beauleiu Road

Parsonage wings of smoke, bay colt foal - Champion of show - Sired by FURZLEY MARINAIDE, out of Parsonage Rolo  

27th September - Performance Grading - Ford Farm

Furzley Marinaide - Grade 1 dressage achieved with 67.5%, he then went on to perform his first ever novice test and obtained 64.2%, just .8% below the required score to grade! We were really pleased with him and will be back next year and hope to do the jumping too,

Furzley Charaide - Grade 4 jumping (3'3")

20th September - Romsey Show

Furzley Accolaide - 1st NF and Conn Youngstock

Burley Barrister - 5th NF and Conn Youngstock, highest placed yearling 

13th September - Chilham Park - ODE

Furzley Serenaide - 12th in the intermediate class, this is Serens last outing prior to returning to the stud and enjoyed everything minute! Having a great dressage score and then going clear in both jumping phases but we flew round the XC and usually where we struggle to get within the time, we were 1 min under the optimum time! 

13th September - Newbury Show

Furzley Mermaide - 1st, 2yr old class and then became New Forest Youngstock CHAMPION, then became the overall New Forest RESERVE CHAMPION and then went on to become the Youngstock M&M RESERVE CHAMPION

Burley Barrister - 3rd in the yearling class and highest placed colt

29th - 31st August - New Forest Breed Show

Saturday - Stallion Day

We went in convoy on Saturday taking 4 boys, Sportaide and his 2 sons, Marinaide and Accolaide and then Burley Barrister. Sportaide enjoyed is annual outing by making as much noise as possible to ensure everyone knew he was there! He took part in the Veteren Stallion class and was the oldest in the class at 23yrs and came 4th.

Furzley Marinaide - 2nd in the large forest run stallion class, best 4yr old forest stallion and was awarded a 1st premium

Furzley Accolaide - 3rd in the 3yr old stud colt class, however this week has been very busy for Accolaide having started to be sat on for the first time. He has been fabulous and not batted an eyelid, the plan is that he will swap places with Serenaide (currently in Kent) when she returns to the stud in approx a months time to start her maternity leave

Burley Barrister - 1st in the yearling class

Sunday - Performance Day

Sadly this day didn't go as well as initially planned, missing a few classes due to clashes!

Furzley Serenaide - 3rd in the combined training (70% in the dressage and clear in the SJ)

Furzley Marinaide - Prelim dressage grading (G1) 60%, this was great experience with Marinaide, the test started amazingly, 7,7,7,8,7 however then some incorrect legs for the initial canter and a lack of impulsion bought the scores down, however a very positive start for a 4yr old and helps us know what we need to work on. We will be attending the grading day to attempt this again as he should also have more energy as will not be 'going out' the day before!

Furzley Crusaide - 1st junior ridden and 3rd in the family pony (privately owned)

Monday - Inhand Day

This has been our quietest Inhand day at the breed show for years with only one pony! However after a busy boys day, it was appreciated!

Furzley Mermaide - 1st, large 2yr old filly - Champion Filly - Youngstock Champion

A fantastic final day for the stud!!


23rd August - Felbridge - BSJA

Furzley Serenaide - In our first attempt at affiliated show jumping, we got a double clear in the British Novice! On a ticket so no placings, prize money etc but with only 4 double clears in a 68 strong field, we did good!!

9th August - Chilham Castle - British Eventing

Sadly our 2nd affiliated event of the year didn't go to plan, I had been feeling rough for a few days and the day after was diagnosed with swine flu and quarentined for 5 days! So I was already relying on my lil mare to do all the work which was a lot to ask! However the dressage went ok and we were 4th overall! The jumping was always going to be fun as I had no strength to my lower leg, I had one stop in the showjumping and two stops cross country however she enjoyed herself and now has a full week off too!

8th August - Ellingham Show

Furzley Accolaide - 2nd in the youngstock class and took the colt cup

Burley Barrister - 5th in the youngstock class and took the yearling cup 

5th - 7th August - NPS Championships

Furzley Charaide - Owned by Cath Harrison and ridden by Hannah Carrick, had a fantastic time! Winning the section for the both the Area 24 WHP and the Native M&M WHP, they then went on to take Res.Champ in the Area 25 and Champion in the Native M&M! Congratulations to them all!

29th July - New Forest Show

Burley Barrister - 1st, yearling colt

Furzley Mermaide - 3rd, 2 and 3yr old filly

Furzley Accolaide - 2nd, 2 and 3yr old colt

Furzley Charaide - Won the KNIGHTWOOD CHALLENGE! Congratulations to his owner Cath Harrion 

18th July - Kent County Show

Furzley Serenaide - 5th inhand, 9th Olympia qualifier, 2nd NPS M&M WHP open and therefore qualified! 

4th July - Affiliated British Event - Eridge Park - BE90

What a day!! After walking the course Friday night I was in a mild panic, the first half was quite a nice course, however the 2nd part had some big, up to height fences and some interesting combinations! However my main concern was if she'd manage the entire way round due to her fitness which we have struggled to improve since being scanned in foal.

So on the day we did BE91 in the dressage, quite a simple test and we had 77% which was 3rd overall in the section. We then had a long wait til the show jumping, having not jumped a course since our '08' grading. I was slightly worried, however we flew round and really enjoyed it which filled me with confidence for the final section. So onto the XC, she really enjoyed it and flew round. Eridge is very undulating so we went very steady on the downhill sections as it was my priority to finish, regardless of time. She negotiated the fences really well, except for having one stop at a huge, freshly creosoted log pile, she flew the rest, even a huge, square, solid fence designed as a straw wagon that gave me nightmares the night before! So in a group of approx. 35, we came 14th, as a refusal in the XC if 20 faults it has a huge effect on the scores, however if we hadn't of stopped and with the time faults we had at XC then we probably would have been 6th or 7th!

Now to enter the next event seeing as she has proved to me she can manage something whilst being in foal! 

26th June - Affiliated Dressage - Oldencraig EC

Furzley Serenaide - Novice SQ class, sadly unplaced and this was the last chance to qualify for the summer regionals at novice level as you must win 2 classes, we'd won previously at Limes Farm but couldn't get the 2nd! Since being scanned in foal and having the time off when covered she has found it difficult coming back into work and fitness has been difficult

21st June - Affiliated Dressage - Cobham Manor

Furzley Serenaide - 3rd in the Novice SQ class 

14th June - NPS Area 24 Summer Show

Burley Barrister - 1st in the yearling class and 3rd in the sports pony class, for which he was plaited!

Furzley Marinaide - 6th in the prelim dressage with 66.5% (huge class!), this was fantastic as its only his 3rd prelim test, with his paces he is showing a natural ability towards dressage

Furzley Serenaide - 4th in the novice dressage with 68%, if I hadnt have made an error we would have come 2nd!  

12th June - South East of England

Burley Barrister - 1st in the yearling class 

7th June - New Forest Enthusiasts Show

Furzley Marmaide - 1st in the 2 and 3yr old class

Sadly due to an error reading the schedule (my fault!) we missed the yearling class with Burley Barrister, then missed the Stallion class with Marinaide due to the ring being split and not knowing! However we did manage to get into the two prelim dressage tests with Marinaide, his first ever prelims! A marked improvement between them of 10%, ending on 65.5% with the 2nd test.

30th May - Royal Bath & West Show

Furzley Mermaide - 1st place in the 2 and 3yr old class and then went on to become NEW FOREST CHAMPION! This is a fantastic result for a 2yr old filly and it was lovely to be able to collect the same cup her sire, Luckington Sportaide had won previously

Burley Barrister - 3rd place in the yearling class 

19th April - Affiliated Dressage - Limes Farm

Furzley Serenaide - Novice 34 (2009) -  65%, 3rd place overall - 1st in the restricted section - 50% QUALIFIED!

18th April - Equestrian Spring Show - New Park

This was the first outing this year for the Stud, taking Burley Barrister (yearling colt, purchased from Gill Wright last year) who behaved very well for his first ever outing and came 2nd in the class. For Furzley Marinaide this was his first outing under saddle and Sandras first outing on saddle for over 5 years, after some exciting moments warming up he went beautifully and came second with 67% in the walk trot test. 

10th April - Affiliated Dressage - Stilebridge Barn 

Furzley Serenaide - Novice - 65.81%, placed 5th

5th April - NPS Dressage Championships - Addington

Furzley Serenaide - Prelim - Large M&M's - 8th and then in the Novice Large M&M's - BEST OF BREED - 4th placing

22nd March - Affiliated Dressage - Cobham Manor

Furzley Serenaide - Prelim 15 (R) 67.82% - Equal 2nd place overall, then in Prelim 12 (R) 73.20% - 1st place which means we have now QUALIFIED for the Summer Prelim Regionals 

March 2009 - Elite scheme results for 2008 are released

Luckington Sportaide has gained a Silver Grading as his progeny have achieved in excess of 1000 points, he is the 4th sire to achieve this level

Furzley Charaide - 1st overall! Congratulations to his owner Cath Harrison

Furzley Serenaide - 8th Overall

Furzley Accolaide - 21st Overall (2yr old colt in 08)

Furzley Marinaide - 25th Overall (Forest run colt in 08)

15th February - Affiliated Dressage - Cobham Manor

Furzley Serenaide - Prelim 14 (R) - 65% - 2nd and then Prelim 19 (R) - 68.87% - 1st - This means we are 50% qualified for the regionals!

8th February - Regional Affiliated Dressage Championships - Patchetts EC, Watford

Furzley Serenaide - 62.62% in the Restrcited Prelim, Sadly unplaced but all very close on the markings! A big thank you to our saviour, Lucy from our livery yard who came to the rescue after my box wouldn't start (again) and took us all the way to Herts and back! A beautiful venue, will definitely aim to be go again! 

3rd January - Blue Barn, Kent

Furzley Serenaide - 1st - Novice NPS Dressage - QUALIFIED