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August - Vale View - Unaff dressage & show jumping

What a day! Don't think I've had such speedy pony swaps ever!! Both were super with the biggest shock of the day, Fanfaire jumped before dressage and maintained her composure in the dressage!!!

Mayfaire started the day with a relaxed dressage test which felt her best to date and the judge agreed, 73% (also her highest ever score) and 3rd place, then onto Fanfaire for 85cm jumping, super speedy double clear and 2nd of the adults! Back onto Mayfaire and the same SJ class for another clear and 3rd! I then stayed on Mayfaire for the 95cm, sadly a few down but she listened towards the end so all work in progress! Then a whole 20 mins rest before onto Fanfaire for the dressage and a nice test for 71% and 2nd place!! So a very productive day!

August - Shelford Eventer Trial

What a quick whizz of an event, 5 mins from home! Mayfaire first and we had about half the SJ down! (We've had a busy time with lessons and think it was a bit too much close together for her) but the XC happened and we met the optimum but she wasn't as forward as usual. Fanfaire however was a machine, just I let the team down by missing fence 2 SJ and doing 7 instead!! Stopped and had a chat with the steward about starting again but just used it as a schooling round, had no2 down (my fault) and as then it was for fun, let her go fanfaire speed (super quick) and still made the time!!

Educational outing for many reasons....!

August - Offchurch unaff ODE

It was so good to be out eventing on grass!!!

Tests were both ok, tension for Fanfaire (as she knew the fun stuff was to come!) and mayfaire wasn't listening too much but 33 and 32.5 left us midway. Fanfaire then flew the SJ and XC like a true kids jumping pony (I just steered and held!!) then straight onto Mayfaire where we had the first SJ down (blame the jockey, I rode her like fan xc.....!) but then clear the rest and same XC!

Fanfaire was 6th and mayfaire 12th in the section, she'd of been 4th without the pole! Love my girls!! (80cm)

Furzley Colonaide was also at the event in the 70cm due to a space comig available last minute, he came 3rd with a super double clear!

July - Elms Farm unaff dressage

Out again with the girls for circles, Mayfaire did two prelims and 65% in the first then more relaxed in the next with 70% and the win! Its nice to know those moments are there to bring the higher marks! We then had a 4hr wait for a medium test for Fanfaire! We can dance but tension will always effect her so at least the higher moves can be done!! She got 64% and then win, it certainly wasn't our best work but I love how she tries!!

July - Vale view unaff ODE

Great to be out again (life feels a little normal) slightly improved tests for both, regardless of scores! (68.5% for fan and 64.5% for mayfaire) then a double clear for fanfaire resulting in 5th place of 44 starters! Mayfaire had a pole (she was a tad wild having not been ridden due to a big leg/mud feaver issue!) so wasn't placed but had a fabulous time!!

July - Vale view unaff dressage

Our first outing in what feels like a lifetime!! Very rusty for me and the girls but we did circles! Prelim for Mayfaire and 65% and novice for Fanfaire with 67%

March 8th - Unaffiliated dressage - Derby College

Back to Derby College (fab venue) for circles this week, Mayfaire did two prelim tests with 67% & 70% with plenty to work on and Fanfaire did some dancing in a medium test! All done for fun as she can wiggle but tension will always be a thing!! 60% which I was chuffed with!

March 1st - Eventer Trial - Derby College

With Aston BE having cancelled, we managed to get into the eventer trial. Stacey bought will for an outing and had a sat nav error in the 55cm and nerves got the better of her, so I jumped on him and we have a DC in the 65cm! Fanfaire was DC in the 75cm and 2nd, Mayfaire won the 85cm with a DC and the a last min squeeze into the 95cm with another DC and 2nd!!

Absolutely chuffed with the ponies all going double clear, placing was based on style so was a little based on judges opinion ;o)

February 14th - Unaffiliated Dressage - Oakridge

A quick rush around after work to get to Oakridge with Fanfaire & Mayfaire and whilst the warm up was one big puddle they both worked well, Fanfaire almost (!) held it together for the whole test (P7) for 73% and 3rd place and Mayfaire was a little tense throughout for 67% and also third in N24. So a positive outing with work to be done! (as there always is!)

January 26th - Unaffiliated Dressage - Hargate EC -

It was a real family day out for Serenaides 'kids'!

To Be Faire (Toby) contested his first time inside the boards and coped well with 65% and 5th place, he then went onto the clear round where he jumped clear and won! Well done to Kirstie for getting him going so well,

Fanfaire had her first ridden outing in over a year (due to broodmare life last year) and produced a nice test (schooled once and one lesson since her return, as mainly hacked for fitness) and she only went and won it with over 69%!!

Mayfaire also produced a good test in the next prelim class with over 68% and 2nd place, we then attempted our first novice test which was ok in parts but after being drenched we were both ready for home and i need new rains and I have zero grip! However 63% and 3rd was good enough!!

EDIT* Mayfaire actually got 69% in her prelim and won the section!


January - Elite scheme results for 2019 

Fantastic results for the stud with Furzley Colinnaide topping the scheme, owned by Paul Davis and ridden by Kirstie Wright. Furzley Mermaide has been awarded her silver performance grade (following visits to HOYs in the ridden and working hunter) and RI with great success in the show ring too. Furzley Serenaide has now got her gold grade for progeny (she was awarded silver last year!) which is a fantastic achievement!

Since the full league has been released Fanfaire was 14th, Game Faire (Spirit)18th then Faire Play (Player) and Faire Enough (Fred) also appearing on the list!