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28th December - Vale View - Arena Eventing

After lots of snow we were lucky the event still ran, limited to the indoor and 23 jumps to remember Mermaide was on fire!! Double clears in both the 70 and 80/5cm classes! Very slow in the first class and 5th place with the slowest double clear (but still being a baby jumping wise I'm not interested in speed!) then 10th in the second class after we pushed on a little bit! 

21st December - Brooksby EC - Combined Training

Mermaides first dressage test since back in working and being a jumping pony! It wasn't the prettiest but 66% was a good score based on the other test scores! Sadly one down in the SJ section (80cm) and placed 2nd overall! 

30th November - Arena UK - Indoor XC

Mermaide had another outing for jump play, indoor XC (which was working hunter!) for the 75cm, she lept about (good use of a hunting seat!) and managed a double clear and 4th place! (We don't do speed!!). Then the brave pants came out and decided to enter the 85!! We had one down (my error, I said go big, I shouldn't!!) but she jumped round really nicely...couple of weeks off now for xmas parties so she has a rest!

23rd November - Brooksby EC - Unaff SJ

Mermaide had her first outing since HOYs 2013, with just 5 weeks back in work and having never done a course of show jumps she was a star! After a little snort on going in the arena at the fillers, she pinged round gaining a double clear! (All 70cm..!) however unsurprisingly I was beaten by children on whizzy ponies but happy in 5th with the DC! 

- Winter Update - 

So with winter now upon us and the show season over for another year, Accolaide and Fanfaire are back at the stud, Fanfaire having a break after a busy first season (albeit with a short break whilst Accolaide was 'up north') and Accolaide will be ridden over the winter with occasional outings to get him ready for next year out doing workers. Mermaide made the trip up north after a year off after HOYs last year after she'd done 3 years being ridden and certainly enjoying back in work!

All three colts have now been weaned, with Toby having only just come off Seren with him being the youngest.

18/19th October - BSPS Heritage - Arena UK

Accolaide was a star for this weekend away, flying round the up to height course with a stonking clear, technical (for me more than him!) novice WHP class. It was all rather exciting towards the end and the ridden section was more hackney than new forest but ended up with a 5th placing. Sadly nothing in the Olympia Semi and then 5th in the direct class but he went well both days.

12th October - Hargate EC - Combined Training

Accolaide went for a play and due to the jump heights (75cm) we did his 2nd ever noviec test! Gaining 67.88% and then going clear (he flew round like we were hunting!) he quite enjoyed himself! 

9th October - HOYs

Furzley Charaide was at HOYs once again in the M&M WHP class, so close yet again coming 2nd after a beautiful round of jumping and 1 of just 2 clears in his height division! The winner of this class did go on to be the WHP Champion though! Congratulations to his owner Cath Harrison and rider Jo Callwood 

28th September - Grading with the Breed Society - Ford Farm

Accolaide & Fanfaire were entered in the Grade one classes for both dressage and show jumping, what a fab day we had! Sally Ann took Accolaide in the classes having had him for 3 weeks ahead of their partnership next year and after a successful Prelim test went forward to the Novice and also passed! He was the highest dressage score of the day and was the only pass in the Grade 2 (Novice) Fanfaire was the 2nd highest mark of the day in the Prelim and also passed! Onto the jumping and Fanfaire flew the Grade 1 and passed, Accolaide did the same (getting the highest mark again) and then also completed the grade 2! 

27th September - New Forest Hounds

Marinaide went for an outing with the NF Fox Hounds near Burley. Having never been hunting before he found it all quite exciting but a comfy ride as ever and was quite happy with Backley Mistral and Helen Safe as company. Such a good chap as he doesn't get out much at the moment! 

21st September - Eland Lodge - Team ODE

Fanfaire along with a team of other forest ponies, made up '3 men and a little lady' This was her first competitive XC and first ODE. The dressage was rather excitable and tense (our usual) however we ended up on 35.5 (64.5%) with an 8 for our entry and 9 for the final centre line! (Very straight apparently) The SJ went as usual, quickly! Thankfully no poles down. Onto the XC as I was unsure how this would pan out as she had been kicked a fortnight prior and had a week off, so not exactly as fit as I would have hoped but being just 4 this wasn't my concern, just go round and enjoy it! However she had other plans....we set off at record speed over the first 7+ jumps, I opted not to mess about with the pace and just let her go. She then settle into a good rhythm and took me round the course without hesitation and towards the final jump I pushed her on, just to see what was left in the tank and she went on no issue! Such a fun day and we finished on the dressage score! Whilst the team was not placed (24th of 79 teams) I was chuffed when the full results were out that I was top in the section (of 24) and best mini (70cm class) which had about 75 entries in total! Think I may have a little eventing pony... 

6th September - Moreton In The Marsh

Accolaide was the bridesmaid in the final HOYs qualifier of the year, so close! He has behaved well all season and not put a foot wrong and he certainly enjoyed his last outing with an enthusiastic extension (the workers ring was in site, JUMPS!) 

31st August - Unaff dressage - Bunny

Furzley Fanfaire - 1st on both prelim classes with 70%! 

23rd - 25th August - Breed Show

23rd - Stallion Day - Accolaide - 4th in both the stud stallion inhand and large stallion ridden classes

24th - Performance day - Accolaide - 6th HOYs ridden (missed the workers!) - Fanfaire was 6th in her novice workers after a beautiful clear but a rather over exuberant show! However we won the young, small, novice ridden!

25th - Inhand Day -  

Kiss me kate - 4th - 2yr old large fillies

Ashley Elegant - 1st small nove brood mare and reserve champion mare

Furzley Fitzwilliam (Ellies son) - 1st colt foal and reserve foal champion

Serenaide - 2nd large open brood mare

Furzley To Be Faire - 2nd colt foal class

17th August - Brooksby EC - Arena Eventing

Furzley Fanfaire - 3rd place 70cm class - Really pleased with her after what felt like our best test to date (not highest score) and the first fence down in the XC section (otherwise we'd have won!) 

5th - 7th August - NPS Summer Champs

Furzley Accolaide - 6th HOYs qualifier - 4th in the Novice WHP Final (large) - 5th Inhand stallion

Furzley Fanfaire - 9th Event Pony - 6th Novice WHP Final (mid)

30th & 31st July - New Forest Show

Mayfaire was the star of our show, winning the competition pony youngstock class and then taking the reserve championship.

Accolaide went nicely in both the Olympia qualifying class (8th) and the ridden stallion class (6th) after had a break from the show ring for a month

Kiss Me Kate was 3rd in the 2yr old filly class

Ashley Elegant was 3rd in the small brood mare class and her colt foal, Fitzwilliam (by F.Marinaide) was 5th 

20th July - Dressage at Trent Valley Equestrian

Fanfaire had her first outing since coming back up to Nottingham and was a star, winning one of the Prelim tests and 3rd in another, a few weeks off has worked wonders! 

22nd June - NPS Area 24

Accolaide is back south again, however at our last show we won the Novice NPS workers and took the championship, then took part in the Olympia semi final qualifier (that had been cancelled from the enthusiasts show) and won!! Very good end to my stint with Accolaide who has been a star whilst with me. 

19th June - Lincolnshire County

Accolaide - 5th HOYs ridden 

18th June - Cheshire County

Accolaide - 4th HOYs ridden 

13th June - 3 Counties Show

Fabulous day out, albeit very busy! Started with the NF ridden, 3rd. Inhand stallion, 2nd. Then a quick bit change and off to the workers where he flew round going clear and obtaining 19/20 (joint top) later the ride went well and ended up joint 7th but with over 40+ entries I was chuffed! The HOYs ridden also went well and we came 5th - Busy day for Accolaide!! 

10th June - FOAL!!

The 3rd and final foal has arrived and guess what...another colt!! A very dark colt with minimal white, Serenaide is doing will. This chap is buy Ridgemount Dancer (Deceased) 

7th June - South of England Show

Mayfaire was 2nd in the youngstock class and Accolaide 3rd on the adults. Sadly unplaced in the mixed HOYs class but he went well.

4th June - Playing at Rogate

Back South again and Accolaide went for a play at Rogate today, he was a superstar who didn't look at anything and when heading towards the jumping into water (me expecting him to stop as generally the family are not huge fans of jumps into water) he took a huge leap and went straight in!! Much to my surprise and screams!! Fab day out with the girls, 

25th May - Arena Eventing!

Accolaide has been thrown in the deep end since coming up to Nottingham after Windsor show on 17th, as I took him out jumping! Whilst he is 8 years old he has hardly jumped and never competitively! He went well in the dressage and then double clear in the SJ and XC with some time faults to take 3rd! Super chuffed with him! 

14th May - FOAL!

Our second foal has arrived, Pondhead Penny gave birth to a large dark bay colt by Furzley Accolaide, this chap has large knees and hocks so lots to grow into! 

4th May - Northern New Forest Show

What a day!! Fanfaire is excelling herself, decided to have a go at workers, our third ever time jumping! First time round a course, she went clear not looking at a single fence and came 2nd in the class, qualifying for the NPS novice champs!! She then won the inhand mare class, was reserve NF Inhand Champ, reserve M&M inhand champ and then overall NF reserve champ! The ridden classes later in the day were inside (seemingly her nemisis) and we came 3rd in the novice NF ridden albeit a little tense and the picton later just got the better of her so we decided to leave as she just became too tense. However this is work in progress and she is improving, very much a baby still which I seem to forget sometimes!

Furzley Magician (owned by Julie Moxon) was a little star taking the reserve NF ridden championship.  

21st April - XC Play day!

So after having a jump lesson a fortnight ago (first time ever jumping) I decided that meant XC was next! (My true love!!) So took Fanfaire for a play, expecting a few small logs and a wander through the water as she is technically 3 but turning 4 next month.

She was IMMENSE! Took every jump in her stride and we ended up doing tyres, ditches, hedges, drops etc. and I had to stop myself doing anything 'silly' with her age but it was like I was riding a mini version of her mum! (F.Serenaide) Decision has been made to keep hold of her until at least next year as I am having too much fun with her! 

20th April - Trent Valley EC - Dressage

Fanfaire took 5th place in both prelim tests, had an amusing disunited canter which took us the wrong direction accross the arena...! Also had the pleasure of riding Sabinas gold nugget for Julie Moxon and she also took Furzley Magician who came 2nd and 4th in the Prelims. 

18th April - FOAL!!

Exciting overnight news, Ashley Elegant has foaled! A lovely bay colt by Furzley Marinaide, both are healthy. 

12th April - NPS Spring show - Addington

Fanfaire was a little more relaxed at her second show but still a way to go, however we achieved 3rd on both the picton and the age class. The prelim test the following day was not quite so chilled as we were in the indoor and to say she was tense was an understatement!

Congratulations to Cath Harrison with Furzley Charaide, ridden by Jo Callwood who qualified for the RIHS and rook the reserve champion too! 

April - NCPA Spring show

Fanfaire had her first outing at a show, it was quite exciting! No placings but certainly lots of experience!

 26th March - Hargate EC - Dressage

Another couple of prelim tests, 65.6% and 68.5%! Lesson learnt as we needed more warm up than anticipated!!

16th March - Hargate EC - Dressage

Fanfaire achieved 64% and 65% in her prelim tests, improvement from our first test but still a long way to go! Having looked at the pictures she has some serious power in her back end, medium without even knowing it!!

23rd February - Barleyfields EC - Dressage  

Fanfaire  won the intro class with 71% and we attempted our first prelim (much earlier than anticipated) and whilst the canter was quite hairy...! We achieved 64% and qualified for the NPS dressage finals

26th January - Trent Valley EC - Dressage

Fanfaire made her first outing under saddle in the walk trot class, she took it all in her stride and rode as she does at home (still working on that!) and managed a respectable 60% and came 2nd! Really enjoying breaking in this little mare and think I'll keep her for a bit longer than planned this year before looking to sell her, need a good home as she is such a sweetheart!