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Toby, Kate & Fanfaire - All first placings - NPS Summer Champs 2015

8th November - Brooksby - Mini ODE

Fanfaire produced her best dressage test with just over 70% to go into the lead, however an unfortunate pole put us to 2nd but really pleased with the improved dressage and calmer jumping too!

End of October Updates

With winter now upon us, the foals have been weaned (Paddy & Sportsman) and have been joined at the yard by Barney (Picket post paddington) who is a big strong chap by willoway double gold, who has been purchased direct from the stud to keep Sportsman company as Paddy is off north to reside with Julie & Jez Moxon. They have also purchased Knavesash Aramis from Kate Robb, who is currently living at the stud 4 yearling colts currently on site!

7th & 8th October - Horse of the year show

Furzley Mermaide was in at 7am and produced a lovely ride which resulted in a joint 2nd on the mark, to come an overall placing of 6th, really pleased Laura has Mermaide and what a partnership they have formed, very excited for next year!

Furzley Charaide, owned by Cath Harrision and ridden by Jo Callwood was back at HOYs for his umpteenth year in the M&M whp. Sadly he had a pole but with only 2 clears he came 3rd! Once again that pole cost him first place!!

4th October - Vale View - Arena Eventing

With winter now here we went back to Vale for their arena eventing. Starting with the 70cm course to build her confidence again and she flew round! They have now amended the competition so that the quickest does not win but its an optimum time for safety, Having heard it was a slow optimum I opted for logn routes everywhere and whilst she was motoring on (i was trying to pursuade her to slow down!) I was 13 seconds too slow! So came 3rd with a double clear and a rather warm pony!!

27th September - Brooksby - British Eventing

Fanfaire had her last BE outing for the year, a much improved dressage with no big 'moments' but just 63.7% so obviously not appreciating an active pony!! The show jumping was much better as smoother round however jump 7 caused us issues as it had done at Frickley just coming in on a wrong stride and taking out the jump! They added extra time penalties on which results in a total of 12 faults from the SJ!! (Slightly annoyed!) The XC was lovely to ride round and she flew everything, so a great finish but a disappointing placing following the SJ!

12th September - Frickley Park -  British Eventing

Fanfaire was out again eventing! Dressage of 65.2 which I thought was generous as she was quite tense! Jumping of late has been a bit tense and the warm up was interesting but once in it went well with just 4 faults and the XC she was a machine!! Having walked the course there were a couple of big meaty fences but she didn't even look! 2.4 time faults which is new however kept steady near some of the fences and the ground was pretty boggy. I was so chuffed with coming 7th place after a testing week!!


31st August - Breed Show - Inhand Day

Thankfully the rain diminished early on so we didn't get completely drenched as expected!

Pondhead Penny was in the forest bred broodmare class first thing however wasn't completely sound behind so unplaced, however at the grand age of 20yrs she had been bought out for the foal class.

Ashley Elegent was 2nd in the open Ne 138cm broodmare class

Fitzpatrick and Sportsman both behaved in the colt foal class with Paddy being the only foal to do his own show! They came 4th and 5th respectively.


29th August - Breed Show - Stallion & Performance day

Accolaide was first in for the HOYs ridden with Sally Ann, going nicely and placed 7th, there is one HOYs qualifier left which is in a week so fingers crossed!

The yearling colts then went forward, with 6 entered only our two were forward! Will Fitzwilliam taking 1st and To Be Faire the 2nd spot.

Then onto the dressage tests for the combined training (prelim section) and all ponies went well, Fanfaire is still improving but shows tension, Accolaide went well and Marinaide had the judge singing his praises for his paces straight after the test then again later in the day before she left!

Accolaide and marinaide both went well in the stallion ridden but were not the judges cup of tea!

Fanfaire enjoyed her wizz (literal) around the novice young small ridden and came 6th after a very stressed performance!!

Marinaide has fab round the novice workers however ran out of the 4th jump (testing the bit!) but flew round the rest and would have won if he had not of ran out!!

Accolaide also whizzed round the open workers but sadly had a pole due to nagivation issues!

Then into the show jumping where both boys went clear, sadly Fanfaire had the last fence down! So the boys took the 1, 2 in the large combined training!!


4th/5th August - NPS Summer Champs - Malvern


Fanfaire was first in at 8am in the event pony class, a good dressage test followed by a clear round, then a gallop (yay) landed us first place in the under 138cm class! She then went on to take the reserve championship!

Mermaide showed how it was done in the Shearwater ridden (was the NFU) with a beautiful show however some quirkey judging ended up in 2nd!

Mermaide & Accolaide then competed in the intermediate whp qualifier class in the afternoon both being placed in their sections.


Fanfaire, Accolaide & Mermaide were all in 8am! Fanfaire came 3rd in the inhand competition pony (behind 2 very smart riding ponies) then onto the ridden competition pony (delayed by 2hrs...) and was not happy so had a tense show to finish 4th and then advised she was fat!! (Obviously told him he was wrong!) Mermaide pinged round the intermediate whp final, sadly having a pole but placed 2nd as so many did! Accolaide was sadly not placed in the HOYs ridden. He went straight from the ridden into the workers final with no practice fence and flew round, sadly had a pole but placed 6th

Onto the inhand and Fanfaire was first in and won the 4yr plus mares & geldings class, Kiss me Kate then won the 2/3yr old mare/gelding class and To Be Faire then won his class too! Fanfaire then went and won the Championship too!! We took part in the M&M overall and cuddy pre-judging but no placing, I didn't take her into the evening performance as she had done enough by then!

Back to the workers rings in the afternoon and Mermaide competed in the novice final, sadly not the judges cup of tea but a lovely clear round and placed 3rd.


Colin is back on the scene! Colonaide was the last foal from Sophia by Sportaide, he has been AWOL for some time but thanks to a friend chatting with a steward at a show we then knew his whereabouts again! He is located in Devon and ridden by Joanne Davis, he was placed in the Picton final and whilst only ridden for a few months, shows promise and its lovely to see him again! Certainly excited for his future.


1st August - British Eventing BE80t - Calmsden

What a fabulous day!! Fanfaire improved her dressage yet again with 31.3 however 2 poles down in the SJ (both heading towards the tent/people) and a stonking XC to finish 12th. However Laura Avery took Mermaide to her first event, with a beautiful dressage of 28.8 and a double clear, well inside the time and came 2nd!! Free Spirit (Sportaide Grandson) competed in the BE90, double clear inside the time, 27.8 dressage and 6th! Super ponies all had a great day!!

30th July - New Forest Show

Fabulous day out with the ponies, Toby (Furzley To Be Faire) won a strong yearling colt class, was nice to have some others in the class for a change! Kate was 5th in the 3yr old fillies and Accolaide 5th in the HOYs ridden. Mermaide won a strong large open ridden and went on to stand reserve NF ridden champion!

17th July - British Eventing BE80t - Stafford

Fanfaire was a super star again, with an improved dressage (36.8) and then an unlucky pole in the SJ (lots of dog legs, the stand alone jump rolled!) and then flew the XC and was 25 seconds inside the time! She was placed 7th!! Super pleased as even with the pole her end score had improved!! Annoyingly the pole cost us first place....however its all improving and shes enjoying it as much as ever!!

14th July - NPS Area 25

Laura Avery and Mermaide were on flying form again, winning the intermediate WHP Qualifier and standing reserve champion!

17th June - Cheshire County

Mermaide Qualified for HOYs!!! Well done to Laura and my super mare :o) - Her own pony, Willowway free spirit was placed 2nd!! So a good day! She also took part in the novice course which was built BIG, sadly she had a pole but was placed 10th, the highest of those with a pole so all positive!

Charaide, owned by Cath Harrison and ridden by Jo Callwood won his section of the HOYs WHP and stood Champion too. This pony has a super home with Cath and has qualified for HOYs and RI numerous times.

 12th June - Three Counties *Elite*

We had a tribe at the show this year! With Sandra making the trip up from the forest for the first time in years to this show (new wheels!) with Kate and Toby. Sally Ann with Accolaide, Laura Avery with Mermaide & myself with Fanfaire (who whilst I am not doing much showing with, I really enjoy this show!)

The day started well with the ridden New Forest, I was super pleased with Fanfaire as following the 'pocket rocket' name tag at BE, she contained her energy for a pull of 2nd! The show was a little tense and we ended up 4th but I was so pleased with her behaviour and we beat uncle Accolaide too!! Onto the inhand and 6th place, this was her done for the day.

Kate was placed 2nd in the 2/3yr old inhand and Toby won his class, sadly he was the only yearling presented.

Mermaide had a super round in the novice workers in a huge class and was placed 2nd.

Sadly the HOYs ridden clashed with the HOYs WHP class and the judges would not allow the riders to swap between, so neither Accolaide or Mermaide made the class. 

7th June - British Eventing - BE80t - Ascot Under Wychwood

Fanfaire was thrown into the big boys world today, affiliated eventing. After heading down the night before and staying with Laura Avery (who has Mermaide) we had a midday start time so she was plaited for the first time! Dressage was our usual stressed affair but it was accurate, this will always be our thing to work on! Sadly the judge wasn't a fan so we ended on a 42.5 which is our lowest ever score but hey ho. Onto the SJ and she flew round, the height and width were not an issue. The XC had me worried as there were some very wide fences but we set off and she flew....didn't look at a thing, didn't touch anything either! So we ended the day on just our dressage score. Super pleased with her taking everything in her stride.


* UPDATE* Two days after the event BE contacted me wanting to write an article about a native pony winning the technical merit, also with it being her first BE! I had no idea what this was about or that I had won it!! BE80t run this award for those who obtain a double clear and run closest to the optimum time, to promote good riding! It was lovely to find out but also have write ups on a few websites!

31st May - NPS Area 24

Accolaide had a super day with Sally Ann Pierson, starting with the training stakes where he won his class and took the Championship. Then onto the intermediate workers where he had another super clear and 1st place! He was then reserve champion in this too!

29th May - Bath & West Show *Elite*

To be Faire (F.Serenaide x Ridgemont Dancer) and Kiss Me Kate (Sharpham Quaver x F.Marinaide) both got drenched at the first Elite show of the year, both behaved well and Toby took 6th in the yearling inhand class and Kate 4th in the 2/3yr old inhand. A little disappointing with Toby but he did not disgrace himself!

27th May - Suffolk County Show

Mermaide had her 2nd outing with Laura Avery since becoming a Cotswolds resident 2 months ago and won the NPS Novice M&M WHP class! Really pleased they are having such fun together!!

25th May - NPS Area 10 (Devon)

Colonnaide had his ridden debut with Joanne Davis and took 3rd place (seems he has only cantered 3 times too!) then won the Nf/Conn inhand and went Champion, then champion in the home produced too.

24th May - One Day Event - Eland Lodge

Fanfaire was a superstar! Finishing on her dressage score of 35.25 and earning herself 3rd place in the section of 37 competitors. The dressage is improving with no big issues but still tense, SJ she flew round without blinking and the same XC, after the first few fences she did slow a little and I did worry about her fitness as she has not been back with me in work for that long (6 weeks since we purchased a fitting saddle) but she ended up 39 seconds under the optimum time!!

24th May - Cadnam show -

Furzley To Be Faire  (yearling colt, F.Serenaide x Ridgemont Damcer) went for his first outing this year to give him some practice for the bigger shows this year, he was well behaved and came a credible 2nd in the NF youngstock class.

17th May - Combined Training - Brooksby

Fanfaire was much more chilled today in the dressage, still stressed but contained! 67% in the prelim dressage (2nd) but a pole in the 70cm jumping dropped us to 5th. We then whizzed round the 80cm clear round and sadly had a clash with the 2nd jump but she pinged round the rest! Good progress day :o)

13th May - Foal No1 has arrived!

Pleased to have our first foal on the ground, a bay colt out of Ashley Elegant by Furzley Marinaide.

12th May - Unaff dressage - Hargate

Furzley Fanfaire was out again! Trying to pretend to do dressage, we generally get a bit fizzy however she held it together quite well in the first prelim, tense but contained. The 2nd test involved an explosion on the diagonal but ok except that!! Compared to last year she is slower in her paces but still too quick for this judge (having spoke to her after) but I was pleased with her behaviour and that was what the outing was for.

10th May - Arena Eventing - Vale View

Furzley Fanfaire had her first competitive outing since being back in Nottingham and had a fabulous time!! We completed the SJ section easily then sped around the XC including a leap into the water (thankfully I landed on her neck rather than being dunked in water) sadly the last XC jump had a pole on top and we clipped it as we were going rather quick and a bit flat!

3rd May - Northern New Forest

Congratulations to Julie Moxon with her own Furzley Magician who took the ridden championship!

South Devon Horse Show

It was lovely to hear that Furzley Colonaide has been out in the ring again with his new owners, he took the inhand win and then reserve in the silver medal!


Through the power of Facebook it was lovely to connect with Furzley First Aides new owners in Belgium. Now aged 20 is appears he is still as spritely as every and they love him dearly, lucky for him her has a few mares waiting to cover for this year too!

 11th April - NPS Spring

Accolaide was the top forest pony in the HOYs ridden taking 5th place producing a lovely show with Sally Ann Pierson. He also came 2nd in a training stakes WHP. Mermaide had her first outing with Laura Avery flying round the novice workers, sadly having a pole down.

 29/30th March - Pony Swapping!

Furzley Mermaide after being in the Midlands for 6 months and being bought back into work is now halfway back south again and resident in the Cotswolds with Laura Avery for the forseeable, we went out for a hack and she loved it! Whilst sad to leave her, it allows me to bring Furzley Fanfaire back to the midlands after a 6 month rest as she was rather busy for a 4yr old last year! Whilst south we had an outing to Rockbourne with F.Marinaide and his full brother F.Accolaide which they had a great time round the cross country course!

 22nd March - Arena Eventing - Vale View EC

Furzley Mermaide is eventually back out after 2 months off due to saddle/lump/rash issues (very boring!) and flew round the course! Double Clear in the 70cm and 3rd, then a pole in the 80/85cm but she loved it!

 17th March - Foal in Belgium -

Furzley Foreign Affaire (Furzley Serenaide x Rivaldo h) our first chestnut furzley who went to Belgium as a weanling to where her father resides had her first foal by hobby des marroniers, a chestnut filly! Both are doing well, congratulations Baudouin!

 13th March - Sad News -

Luckington Sportaide the foundation stallion on the Furzley Stud has been put to sleep after what appears to have been a stroke, aged 29 he was such a character and had very much reverted back to his childish way in his later years, he will be sorely missed.