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8th December - Northern NF points 

What a result! Kirstie and Colin (Colonnaide) were the overall champions, taking the ridden & jumping titles, he was reserve junior champion with Annie too! Marinaide won the dressage (from his 3 trips all year) and Mayfaire was 2nd to him then 3rd in the jumping!

17th November - Road Trip!

We travelled down with an empty box and returned full!

Fanfaire is now back up north with me after Luna was weaned ready to start her return to eventing life for 2020 and Toby has gone to live with Kirstie to continue his education!

20th October - Vale View Unaff dressage

More circles and a double Furzley day! Furzley Fitzwilliam and Stacey were on nice and early for their second attempt at a prelim test (the first did not involve any canter work, cheeky pony!) and thankfully this one he cantered! With a fantastic 65% so a really big improvement!! Eventually coming 8th and middle of the class. Mayfaire and I were on a lot later, ever improving but still plenty to work on! I smidge under 68% and 2nd place, best of all, prize money!! I even resisted the shop!!

13th October - Keysoe Unaff ODE

What a wet day!! Its just didn't stop....sadly Mayfaire's first one day event had cancelled a fortnight previously at Epworth but thankfully Keysoe still ran and the grouns was surprisingly ok! Dressage first and an ever improving test with 65% and a much calmer way of going, still much to improve but its all going the right way! This put us into 4th place. Clear SJ with a lovely confident round which put us into 3rd. Then the XC, she was just on fire! Forward was the way we went an the course had a couple of long stretches where I just let her go and she happily picked up speed with ears pricked and enjoyed the day, we had a couple of moments where I needed to remind her to listen and that we were jumping but wow, what a ride and a reminder after over a year of eventing why I love it! We were the only combination inside the time over both 70 classes! So a double clear with no points added left us in 1st place! We had 9 points clear of 2nd place too!!

Bucks County - 29th August

The first RI qualifier of the season (for 2020 RI) and Laura & Mermaide won the over 143 class then went on to stand champion too!


Monday 26th August

Where to start....another scorcher and I was ready to go home after the foal classes, good job we didn't as Fanfaire was reserve supreme!!!!!

Furzley Fanfaire 1st novice brood mare, mare champion and reserve supreme

Furzley Luna Lass (Furzley Fanfaire x Sway Mister Moon), sadly unplaced in the filly class but very bum high!

Ashley Elegant 2nd open brood mare

Furzley Faireway 4th colt foal

Furzley Vanity Faire (Purdy) unplaced in the 2yo filly class but enjoyed her annual outing and I know she is one for the future!

Furzley Colonnaide 4th inhand geldings

Saturday 24th August 

Stallion and performance day was probably one of the quietest we've had! However given the scorching temperatures it was well timed!!

Furzley Game Faire (Spirit) won his yearling colt class, remaining unbeaten all year!

Furzley Faire Play (Player) was 4th in the 2/3yo colt class and top 2yr old

Furzley Mayfaire did her first ever ridden class and was a star getting correct legs but rather tense in her show so not placed but I was chuffed with her attitude! She then came 2nd in the P1/2'3" combined training with 74.5% and a clear round show jumping which is very much proving to be her forte!!

Furzley Colonnaide (ridden by Kirstie Wright and owned by Paul Davis) had an outstanding show, 6th in the HOYs and then winning all his other ridden classes! Open ridden, junior workers, novice workers (novice champion) and junior handler!

Furzley Magician (owned by Julie Moxon) was placed in his dressage classes and won the veteran inhand!

10th August - Stoneleigh

Mermaide and Laura are back out contending the HOYs M&M WHP qualifiers post caesarean section and came 3rd with a lovely clear!

8th August - Newton eventer trial

Mayfaire returned for another 70cm attempt, I just hoped for another double clear as we managed that last time! She was much more confident and not only did we go clear, we were under the optimum by 7 seconds and we won!!

6th - 8th August - NPS

It was the first year in a while we didn't attend NPS but some jobs needed doing at home!

Kirstie and Colin however flew the stud flag winning the Shearwater open ridden on the first day and getting into their first evening performance together, so pleased for them both! However the results didn't stop there with success in the training stakes and then winning their intermediate ridden final too!!

31st July - New Forest Show

Another busy day at the show as per and all ponies doing well! Spirit (F.Game Faire) won his yearling colt class, F.Faire Enough (Fred) won the yearling gelding class for the Hunts, F.Faire Play was 3rd in the 2/3yr old class, F.Fanfaire was 2nd in the small brood mare class as was her foal Luna. Kirstie Wright was also there with F.Colonaide (the last 'aide' foal) and was 2nd in the 4yo geldings, then well place in the open ridden later in the day too!

14th July - BHS Unaffiliated combined training - Brackenhurst college

Mayfaire and I having our last outing for a while (as we have done a lot!) and she was brilliant, ever improving dressage with still plenty to work on but a whopping 71.32% which was our best yet and very generous! Then she flew round the 60cm jumping to come 3rd overall! Glad I kept the jumping height low for a confident round as ended our few weeks of 'doing lots' on a positive even though i am in no doubt she would have stormed the 70 too!!

11th July - Newton Eventer Trial

With it being so local it seemed rude not to go, I was a little apprehensive as the smallest is 70cm which we have not tried yet but who was I to doubt?! She was super settled to warm up and then went very green once 'out' and the first few show jumps were green but the we gained confidence and off we went! I kept her steady towards the fences as wanted to ensure we got over everything to keep it positive and I was beaming when we finished as we got a double clear!! We were 5th overall as 11 seconds too slow but this will easily be remedied in the future but thats exciting times ahead!

7th July - New Forest Riding Club 

Fanfaire & Luna and Spirit went for an outing for mileage and it was a good day, they both won their respective inhand classes (NF 4yo+ and youngstock) then stood champion and reserve of the inhand ring winning a lovely rug and some haylage!

7th July - Soar Valley Riding Club

Mayfaire went for another outing with our first attempt at prelim on grass, it was a little hairy but the canter work is ever improving! A disappointing 60% ish score but I know it needs lots of work!!

We attempted the 65cm workers and I was chuffed that she took on the bridge jump btu sadly a run out at the derby rails again! However repremanded and over we went, 3rd place and more education!

30th June - Hargate Arena - Unaff dressage

Will someone please remind me not to try and go out with both ponies when I have no help! Nothing to do with them but having 20 mins between tests and not being fit enough are the issues, ponies were fabulous!!

Mayfaire had her first attempts at prelim (since her one we did as a 4yr old before she went back for a rest) and whilst we were baby like, there were improvements between the two tests! 64.4% and 65.9% coming 2nd and 3rd in those, very pleased!

Marinaide had an outing in the hope the show jumping would cause him some tension so I could work through it but he was fine!! However my brain had died so I forgot the end of the test, twice plus the judge marked the canter/trot/canter as a basic so 4's as no walk shown....then also missed my giving on reins, so after seeing the score I just laughed but hey, thank god it wasn't important!! Plus the aim was to sort tension and he didn't have any....! Always a positive!

23rd June - Arena UK RC show

With minimal preparation Mayfaire went for a jumping outing, having not jumped since the NCPA show as she had some time off whilst I focused on his area festival. However she was a little star, the warm up would have worried most but after the initial confusion of being trotted & cantered towards by small children she decided they were of no harm (although annoying me!) we did the 60cm show jumping (that was well built) and she flew round, sadly we had a pole but that may be due to me losing direction!!

Then onto the working hunter class which was dressed more than most HOYs classes!! However I suppose if you have all this fabulous equipment why not use it! Once again was just a pro, however when a tree line took us to the edge of the white planks she decided to follow the tree line and not the jump, straight back round and over though and we then did a ridden class part for the 'after' and she was quite happy going around with others and whilst we had a wrong leg she was a good girl and came 3rd, top of the poles with a nice comment from the judge!

16th June - Enthusiasts Show - ELITE

Furzley Game Faire continued his winning streak taking the yearling colt class, Fanfaire also won the brood mare class with Luna coming 2nd in the foal class! Player was 2nd in the 2/3yr old colt class to the eventual youngstock champion.

14th June - Three Counties Show - ELITE

A very wet day but a successful one!

Furzley Game Faire (Spirit) continued his winning streak and won the yearling class and then went on to stand reserve champion, his field mate Furzley Faire Enough (Fred) owned by Sue Hunt was 2nd. Furzley Faire Play (Player) was 3rd in the stallion class which as a 2yo is a good result against the older ponies.

8/9th June - BD Area Festival first rounds - Arena UK

A weekend of dressage for Marinaide with Novice Saturday and Elementary Sunday. With storm conditions on Saturday it was fun....however what felt like an ok test became entertaining by bronking in the 2nd medium canter! However to my surprise we still got 67.5% and came 2nd!! (Annoyingly the average marks given, if we had not bronked we'd of won! Sunday was a much nicer day however after the test he threw a wobbly leaving the area and turns out he had his tongue out the entire time! So we were marked down accordingly but this resulted in being way out of the placings, which was frustrating as I didn't realise or see the tongue unlike normal! Still, onto the next!!

31st May - Bath & West County Show - ELITE

With a super early start this show is always a memorable start to the show season! Furzley Fanfaire was first in with the mare class and won! She really enjoyed being out and showed herself off wonderfully with her foal at foot. Furzley Game Faire then won the yearling colt class, then Furzley Faire Play was 4th in the 2/3yo class finding it quite exciting to be out for the first time!!

Fanfaire then went on to stand Champion!!

27th May - NCPA Leics & Rutland

Mayfaire was out for training stakes again and after the success of our last outing, decided to attempt the next height up too. Once again a very novice/baby round but willing and forward, although she took a dislike to a few fillers but this is what the outings are about! Clear in the first class then one down (she forgot her back legs) in the 2nd class, however the most positive part was she cantered the 2nd class to all the jumps so she is building her confidence which is lovely!

Furzley Colonnaide and kirstie had a fantastic day winning their novice whp section in good company and standing reserve novice whp champion, then champion intermediate ridden, then....supreme of show!!!

26th May - BD - Vale View

Marinaide was out in preparation for the area festival first rounds as its been a while since we were in the boards together, it was an awful day with the wind and rain but good to have distractions as you never know what the day will bring! The first test felt untidy but I put this down to lack of ring time for us, so spent the 50 minutes between the tests schooling, hard! The next test was much better!! E40 67.1% & E59 66.25% and taking overall wins in both sections albeit marginal!!

19th May - Northern NF Supporters show - NPS Area XI

What A Day!!

This was the first time I had travelled Mayfaire & Marinaide together and they were so peaceful! Which is testiment to his character!! The bonus to this was that I can now take them out training together!

First off were the training stakes, Mayfaire in the smallest class was just super and she poddled round (mainly in trot, as we don't canter fully yet) and she went clear with no concerns over the fences! Marinaide in the next height flew round like a pony club pony and had a lovely time, which was all I wanted! Not placed in either however just pleased with their attitudes!

Inhand next, Mayfaire 3rd in the mare class and Marinaide 5th in the stallions (who knew there were so many stallions!!) and Stacey took will and came 2nd in the gelding class. She then did the home produced inhand in another ring and came 4th!

Ridden.....well, for the first time Marinaide held it together and was pulled top initially. Then dropped to second as the inhand champion was seemingly missed on the go round! I was so chuffed for him as nice that someone looked beyond his white bits and welsh'ness. We then went on to be reserve ridden champion and then, overall reserve supreme!!! He even got a sash! Had a lovely gallop about after each championship too, lovely day!!

12th May - Field farm - dressage

Furzley mayfaire was out again (with no work between due to a new job for me!) and a new venue for her which whilst tense in parts produced a sweet test and won (again!) with over 695! 

5th May - Soar valley riding club

Furzley mayfaire won her intro A test with over 67% which for her first time out since being brought back into work was fabulous!

Furzley Fitzwilliam and Stacey made their inhand debut and it was a successful one with 4th out of 12 in the large M&Ms 

29th April - FOAL!!!

Our second (and final foal) of the year has arrived, another colt from Ashley Elegant (shes only had colts!!) by Furzley to be faire, so a full brother to Furzley Faire Play who was the new forest champion at the new forest show last year as a yearling! So no pressure ;o)

21st April - FOAL!!!! 

We have our first foal, a filly! Furzley Luna Lass, 

This is Furzley Fanfaire's first foal (she is doing good as we knew she would!) by Sway mister moon

14th April - Vale view - BD

Well...when on garden leave and the local venue as your thing on, you go back!

Another couple of Elementary tests but sadly not the %'s like Wednesday but as soon as I saw who was judging I know this but whilst a little harsh its fair so I can cope!! 63% and a 64% the latter being the same 2nd test and I felt he was better but we now have the scores for petplan things which was the aim and still plenty to work on...!

10th April - Vale View - BD

With hartpury behind us it was time to get back into Elementaries as need the sheets for the AF again (how quick the year comes round is scary!) Thankfully Vale View is local and he knows it, so an ideal location after last week to hopefully get the brain back to the happy place and wow, was he happy!! After recognising a few of the entries I thought, its just good to get out again at this level, get the sheets and get an idea of what I need to work on (as nothing shows you up like trying to get it right in a dressage test!) and we won, both the section and overall!!! 69.48% in the first with a known tough judge and 66.56% in the second under a different judge, to say I was shocked was an understatement as whilst he felt good there was lots to be working on! The second test was E59 which was the toughest Ele we have done and I was pleased just to have remembered it but also got the push from my lovely friend that is you can do that, you need to think medium.....eek!!!!

5th April - HARTPURY!! 

The big day! Arrived early to do the arena walk and he came off the box like a loaded spring!!! However once into the arena he relaxed and walked around quite happily, had a stretch in the warm up area then popped him back onto the box whilst we had breakfast (as he did too!) Onto the main event and he warmed up well, he felt a bit tense at times as the warm up was busy but we had Charlie H on hand to give pointers for I was obvisouly grateful for. Once into the arena he felt tense and whilst the test started 'ok' he wasn't doing his best work, sadly the wind had got up since the morning and the flags to the side were moving but as were the ropes which started to bash against the that was the start of the end, then came the tannoy and the brain had left!! We jogged, went sideways and did other unrequired movements!!! BUT we made it to the end, alive! Posting our worst score ever of 55% and bottom of the class....however we got there and having then hacked once home a couple of days later everything was scaring him, so not naughtiness but fear, so things we need to work on as I would love to go back!

28th March - Sheepgate - BD

As another outing to get some practice in before Hartpury and he was on form!! Some decent warm up transitions and he was sat up listening and light in the hand, into the first test of N23 (which is the test of next week, which was handy!) and it felt great, the medium trot isn't as powerful but the balance in the trot & canter is much better so I am pleased with that and a score of 70.83% put us top in the section and overall!! Its was almost straight back in for the second test and he felt just a little tired towards the end but still a great score of 69.44% which once again took us top in section and overall!! Really chuffed with him and a massive thank you to Tanya who met me there for some much needed moral support and eyes on the ground!

Next outing, Hartpury!

24th March - Brooksby mini ODE

So with dressage practice needed and nothing on locally, thought we obviously needed the jump practice again! After a Charlie Hutton lesson we had been kicked back into action, a good prelim test saw us leading easily and the SJ/XC was strong again, sadly a naff stride lead to a stop (again!) but we kicked on and still won!!

We then did a novice test to help get some practice in and won that by some way too, plenty to work on for us both but still a win!

17th March - BD Combined Training Final - Field House

Marinaide qualified for this final in October and since then has done nothing!! Broken saddle, horsebox and numerous vets bills to say I was pleased just to attend was an understatement!! However with zero practice we were understandably rusty, so an average dressage put us midway and then a stop at fence 9 BUT he was flying like a kids pony til that point and they were well built for an 80 so I am pleased with that! Onto the lessons and practice now to remind us both how to ride...


Breed Society Awards

2019 has got off to a fantastic start for the stud with the NFPB&CS advising that Luckington Sportaide has been awarded elite status (based on his own and his progeny points) Furzley Serenaide has received the silver status as a brood mare following the results of her progeny. Furzley marinaide was placed 3rd in the ringwood performance competition winning the stallion & dressage trophies. Furzley Faire Play (player) was the top yearling in the elite scheme points too, so a loverly way to round off a fantastic 2018!!