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25th November - BD Combined training - Bury Farm

The long drive was worth it with Marinaide as we were top after dressage and then a super clear round in the show jumping, doing the 80cm class! This qualifies us for the finals next year.

15th & 16th November - BD Native Finals

Back to Vale View for Marinaide and I for the Native champs, I went in the hope of top 10 placings and he more than exceeded that!

Thursday was the Elementary and we went early for the arena walk as previously a judges table at B had been a bit too much to comprehend and with this being indoor what I expected, however both judges tables were at the top of the arena so the early start was wasted! However gave him a warm up and he felt good!! Onto the test mid morning and he was a little star, except for some slightly larger circles (my fault) and a drop down to walk from canter, he was a little star! The leg yields were our best to date (we have new pokey spurs!) and the rein back too, so I was very pleased!! The score was 68% (one of our highest to date at Elem) and just 1% seperated us and the winner. Really pleased and the presentation was rather exciting for him too!

Friday for the Novice and whilst he felt ok he didn't have the same umpf as the previous day, however the test was much more accurate (yay me!) and more settled. Annoying he did fall out of canter in a corner crossing the diagonal and we got marked down (rightly so) for this with 4 from one of the judges. I came out a little disheartened but still pleased with him as he has only ever made one mistake previously and that was the NPS championship where he wrong legged, so he picks his moments!!! The final score was 69.35 putting us in 5th place, which out of 41 is pretty decent! The frustrating part came when comparing scores as 1st place was only 2 marks (thats .38%!) that canter loss cost us the win! However I don't dwell, he was an absolute dude and we were comfortably the top new forest there and performed a good test!

I had the pleasure of going back on Saturday to groom for Tanya and her own Twiggy (highfox destiny) who exceeded all expectations and hopes to come 3rd in the prelim, so I need to watch myself soon ;o) 

11th November - BD Vale View

A last minute bit of prep for the Native Champs, which is super handy when its based 25 mins from home!!

Insanely windy which is Marinaides least favourite thing (and mine as when he was 4 I fell off onto a road and have a chipped hip to remind me of this!!) however the first test although 'fruity' and we almost went to jump out over the flexing boards gained an impressive 71.96% in the Novice 24 which I felt was a little generous but I was happy to take!!

Onto the Novice 37a and he was less 'with me' and I was a bit inaccurate and I also didn't learn all of the 'a' updates we eventually gained 65.19% which was a little harsh but the comments were fair and I do the prep for the 'kick' needed before a 'big one'

He's certainly lacking energy but he is still living out so can't blame him too much, he's telling me he wants in but whilst the ground allows it I know out is better as give it a month of in and they all get board!!

On the plus side I think we now have enough points to get to regionals....which is exciting!

22nd October - Area Festival 2nd rounds - Manor Grange

What. A. Day!!

Went hoping for a top 10 finish in the novice and just a good performance in the elementary, as having qualified with a 6th and 8th place in the first rounds, I knew it would be tough. Marinaide warmed up like a dream, super stretchy and flexing, listening and really with me (yay) once in the arena he rode like he needed a poo!! However my game face was on and it felt accurate and he did everything he should have done but just not quite as much umpf as usual. Came out a little disheartened but popping him back on the box for the 2hr wait til the elementary, thankfully we were 2nd to last in the first class and midway through the second class so no huge waits which was nice!! Wandering to the cafe to check on the scores and having looked before competing spotted a 70% score and some 68%' checked mine with one more left to go and we have 69%....I had a little cry realising that we would be going to Hartpury! We ended up coming 2nd!!

Onto the Elementary and once again a super warm up, went in and gave him a good prod with the spurs so not to have the same 'need to poo' feeling we had in the novice and he was much more 'with me' we were a little wiggly on the centre lines and we still need to improve on the rein back and leg yields but I know this, however came out feeling happy with the performance. Gained 66% and eventually 5th place which once again was so pleased with!!

A fantastic day out and loved that he had his game face on! Bring on Hartpury in April!

14th October - BD Eland Lodge

Marinaide had an outing for my benefit to prep for the area festival 2nd rounds in a weeks, as my 15m circles have been off for some time and we still need a lot of practice to get some of the elementary movements improved in test conditions (and at home, leg yield right is his nemisis!) the day started and contimnued with rain and whilst he warmed up poorly to start he remembered what it was about (as he'd had a week off whilst I was in Croatia!) and peformed well in the novice 30Q gaining 68.8% even with an error on my part! We won the section and the class and got prize money!! Then the Elementary 49Q where we seemed to lose the left bend and fall out through the shoulder, leg yield has improved but not near good enough still but a decent 67.7% and 1st in the section and second overall to a lovely welsh junior combo who I was quite happy had beaten me!!

4th October - HOYs

Both Furzley ponies did the stud proud! Accolaide achieved his first clear at HOYs and at a fantastic time as he went straight to his new home the following day, so a lovely ended to his time spent with Sally Anne and was placed 6th with just 3 marks splitting the top 6 so a very close competition (as HOYs should be!) Mermaide sadly had a pole but such a confident round and much improved from last year and was 4th and top of the poles!

27th September - Unaff dressage - Brooksby

Furzley Fitzwilliam has been happy hacking for a month or so now, only in the menage twice as when long reining he wasn't a fan and seemed much happier and forward when out, so thats what we have done! However he will be going south for the winter off at the stud soon and so I thought it was time he went out, even though most definitely not ready its all good experience. He was an absolute gem, didn't look at a thing (except himself in the mirror!!) admittedly the test was rather wobbly and baby like (which is fine!) but there were some nice moments so good to glipse what is to come next year! 64.56% was rather generous but who am I to question the judge ;o)

22nd September - BE Moreton Morrell 2 - BE90

Mermaide had her first eventing outing of the year with Laura and enjoyed every minute! Coming 2nd after the dressage an unlucky pole in the SJ and then some time faults XC dropped her to 9th place but a great outing as her first for the year!

21st September - HOYs Awards

Fantastic to receive a letter from HOYs to advise that Furzley stud has been awarded the top new forest stud and Luckington Sportaide the top sire!! 

18th September - Manor Grange EC - BD

A long trip north for a practice at the venue where Marinaide will be going for the area festival second rounds, thought we should go and give it a try first! Its a good job we did as not only was it super windy, I learnt both the wrong tests so completely lost my brain and looking at the pictures, ability to ride too! Marinaide looked a star though, we have been trying a few new things to strengthen him which has resulted in a loss of control upfront but 1 step back and 2 forward is the hope! So 66% and 65% and two 3rd places are not what I hoped for but its a well timed 'kick' I need at times...!!

8th September - Romsey Show

What a day! Everyone got a red one!!

Picket post paddington (Barney) won the 2/3yr old geldings, then was NF youngstock champion and M&M youngstock reserve champion!

Furzley Faire Play (Player) won the yearling class

Furzley Mermaide won her large section of the RI working hunter then went on to stand champion!


27th August - Breed show - Inhand day

Back to a normal busy day although we were a mare and foal 'light' following a presumed slip in the field from Serenaide on the Sunday but it rained all day and was horribly cold too!

First in was Picket Post Paddington (Barney) who won the 3yr old gelding class and then was reserve gelding youngstock champion (which was lovely as his breeders pony was champion!)

Furzley Vanity Faire was then 3rd in the yearling filly class, sadly the judge felt as she was having a growth spurt and up behind she couldn't place her higher

Ashley Elegent was then 3rd in the open brood mare class, with her colt foal Furzley Faire Enough taking 1st place then the reserve place in the overall foal championship (which is exactly what his full brother player had done the previous year!

Furzley Faire Play (Player) was then back in following Saturdays success to take the reserve in the overall youngstock and then was first reserve in the overall supreme!

So a fantastic day and lots more cups to engrave!!

25th August - Breed show - Stallion day

It was a slightly quieter year than normal as nothing in the 'performance' so just boys doing inhand! Furzley To Be Faire (Toby) had his annual outing to the breed show and won the junior stud stallion class. His son, Furzley Faire Play (Player) then went and won the yearling colt class and stood the colt youngstock champion! So a lovely day!!

14th August - BD - Arena UK

Marinaide took the step up to novice silver (which is actually no different in competing as the overall result includes bronze, silver & gold) as this was for practice for the bronze championships which I had annoyingly gone one mark over so not eligable!! (still, won't moan!) and he was joint first overall in N22 with 69.65% and first overall in the N38Q with 71.29% which shows the difference riding properly does!! So a good outing and good build up for points towards nationals stuff! As got to have a plan....!

1st August - NPS Summer Championship show

Lovely day at Malvern being in the ring at not before 12, quite civilised!! Player (Furzley faire Play) won the yearling class, Barney (Picket post paddington) won the 2/3 filly/gelding class and then went on to stand reserve NF Champion!

27th July - Royal International

Lovely day at the RI with Accolaide & Mermaide, sadly accolaide had a pole as he just wasn't quite himself and a bit sluggish but wondering if he is coming down with something as wasn't his usual full of life self at the NF either. Mermaide was loving life though and except a slightly green moment jumped a great round but had a pole too, so really pleased for her 1st time here and would have been joint 4th if clear!

25th July - New Forest show

What a day!!!! 

The day started with Furzley faire play (player) winning his yearling colt class, then Ashley Elegent coming 4th in the small brood mare class and her foal coming 4th too (little disappointing) and then Barney (Picket Post Paddington) won his 3yr old gelding class. 

Player & Barney then stayed on for the youngstock championship where player stood champion then onto the overall championship where player went on to stand overall new forest champion!!

For a yearling to stand overall NF Champion and the new forest show is pretty special! Last time Sandra did this was with Luckington Sportaide, his great grand sire and the foundation stallion of the stud!

Over in another ring the working hunter class was causing carnage with more eliminations than anything else! There were only 6 clears all day, with two of these in Accolaides section and he was one of them!! So super chuffed with that brilliant performance!

20th/21st July - Moreton Morrell BD Area festival first round

Marinaide and I took part in our first AF together and whilst Elementary is still 'new' we came 8th with 64.26% and the novice the following day where I had hoped to be quite competitive we were placed 6th with 65.35% which made me a little twitchy on the day but thankfully all we needed was a top 10 finish to get us through but its certainly given me the motivation to get ready for the next championship!

15th July - Stafford BE

Marinaide lost his BE virginity at Stafford! Sadly the day started with me waking very ill, without the details we had a few stops on route and when walking to hat tagging but thankfully once on board everything stayed in!! After bursting into tears when I was told I needed to wear a jacket for the dressage but then forfeiting 2 points instead, we ended up on 29.5% which whilst a little disappointing I'm not surprised as my circles were off! Straight to SJ (didn't want to stop!) and one down as he went quite green but listened. XC he was brilliant and seemed to enjoy it which was the main point! Except for having a good look at the barrell fences he was on form, sadly we ended up with 10.4 time faults but whilst they made a good job with the ground we still have not had rain for what feels like years!! Super chuffed and glad I made the journey, we ended up 13th which is a good start!

8th July - Monmouth

Accolaide qualifies for HOYs!! Then goes on to take the HOYs WHP championship too!

24th June - Brooksby Equestrian ODE/eventer trial 

Marinaide lead the 80cm class with a stonking 80% in the dressage (it was prelim!) however rider error caused us to be eliminated as I missed a fence!! It was however a lovely double clear over 15 fences when there should have been 16....even if we had it down we'd have easily won!!

23rd June - NPS Area 7 - Bury Farm

Accolaide produced yet another clear to come 6th in the HOYs worker class

21st June - Lincolnshire County

Accolaide and Sally-Anne produced a stunning text book clear to come 2nd in the HOYs workers class, so close!!

19th June - Cheshire County

Furzley Mermaide won her working hunter class and is going to HOYs!!! Being one of only two clears in her section!

19th June - Newton Eventer Trial

Marinaide pulled out a double clear in the 80cm! Later once the results came out he, for the first time in his life, went too quick! 23secs too quick!!! So we have got brave an entered something 'proper'...

17th June - New Forest pony enthusiasts show

Furzley Faire Play once again won his yearling class and took the youngstock championship, Barney won his 3yr old class too!

15th June - Royal three counties 

What a busy day! Star of the show was the yearling colt Furzley faire play (player) who won the yearling class and then stood reserve champion too! Picket post paddington was 4th in the 2/3yo class as seemed to have picked up a swelling so was dropped due to this. Accolaide performed a lovely clear in the HOYs WHP and gained the top jump mark but sadly the confirmation/ride judge was not a fan so he ended up 10th overall. Mermaide had an unusual stop in the workers at the white planks but clear otherwise. Marinaide had a rare showing outing and decided he would perform like the welsh C's in the adjacent ring which had most of the ring laughing at him as he just enjoyed the go round far too much but did a nice individual show but quite rightly came bottom!! Then 5th in the inhand stallion class.

9th June - Derbyshire Festival of Showing

Laura and Mermaide were at Somerford to contest the HOYs workers and so close with a clear and 2nd place! Congratulations to Laura and her stallion Willoway free spirit who won his section then stood champion! He is the sire of Serenaides foal, game faire who she foaled this no pressure to perform as this will be Spirits 8th time to HOYs!!

1st June - Bath & West 

It was a busy day with both horseboxes making the drive to Shepton Mallet. It was Furzley faire enough's first outing and he was well behaved, there is no foal class but a good outing as not too busy! Sadly dam Ellie (Ashley Elegent) was not placed in the mare class but went well. Furzley Faire play (player) our yearling colt won his class and Picket post paddington (barney) came 2nd in the 2/3yr old class. A lovely day all round!

30th May - Suffolk County

Both Mermaide & Accolaide were out for the first HOYs workers classes of the year, with Laura & Sally-Anne respectively. Sadly both had a pole but mermaide still managed a 5th placing!

27th May - BD - Eland Lodge

Marinaide was out again for a repeat of last weekends afternoon with the same two tests, in the hope of over 62% to get that area festival qualifier sorted! I entered the second test HC in the hope that the first would give us the % needed and not wanting anymore points at elementary to risk our bronze novice status. Well, thank fully I was 'with it' this week and we not only won the section (there was a few bronze entries!) but also overall so we had prize money!! Gaining 67.5% I was rather pleased! Onto the HC and I remembered the test!! The technical elements were of a similar standard to last week (leg yield right, wasn't! The rein back of about the same standard!!) however the 15m circles were much improved, an abundance of flies meant he was not having the best of times but pre thunder weather is not pleasent for anyone! We gained 64.8% and would have been 3rd overall (only bronze) so once again, pleased! Thankfully I now have a month off doing BD as think both of our brains need it, although the practice will continue!!

21st May - Afternoon! - BD @ Hargate

After turning up late and already being a tad warm from the mornings outings our first test was 'ok' and gained up 65.51% our second test did not go as well, it was certainly a much more technical Elementary than the first and in my usual style I didn't read the test til the night before!! However my brain had exited and I made a mistake, then went blank! Which whilst I seemed to forget how to do a 15m circle, he managed most of the technical elements but my errors cost us the 62% needed for the area festival sheet so we ended up on 60.32% which was deserved (by me!) and gutting as now we need to go out again next weekend which I was trying to avoid just for cost! Have already arranged to get into a proper sized menage (as mine is not) to practice these damn 15's as next weeks tests are the same!!

21st May - Morning! - Northern NF Supporters @ NPS Area xi

Marinaide was 3rd inhand and then won the novice ridden, sadly we couldn't stay for the champion due to going off to do dressage over the road!

Furzley Magician won his veteran inhand and ridden classes and Marinaides son, Furzley Fitzpatrick won the youngstock class. Both owned by Julie Moxon

13th May - BD - Fieldhouse

Full of confidence from our previous blast at BD with 4 tests over 3 days, gaining our area festival qualifier in bronze novice I thought it'd be worth giving Elementary a go! So another bronze test (as you can have 5 scores in the bronze league table so wanted another done!) and we gained 70.48% winning the bronze section (of 2!) and coming 2nd overall (to a rather beautiful horse) and then onto the Elementary in a rather hot sweat box of an indoor and a rather pleasing 68.40% giving the same overall as above, top bronze 2nd overall! He didn't feel as good as he can be today but to still come away with those scores knowing there is more in the tank makes me happy! Only a bit of prize money this time as not enough entries in the novice class but we don't do it for that!! (Good job really!)

29th April - NPS Area 6

Laura & Mermaide went for a trip 'up north' and won their RI qualifier!

26th April - BD - Sheepgate

Not content with Tuesdays outing, also did two tests on Thursday (mainly due to not reading the rule book fully and thinking I could enter something I couldn't do as early as I had hoped!) ANYWAY!! What an absolute dude this pony is, 67% in the first test (judge didn't like my attempt at circles, however I had beaten him on Tuesday!) then a stunning second test where he felt with me and 72%! Always nice when the judge agrees! He won his bronze sections in both and then 2nd and 1st overall so once again we had prize money....this time it covered the cost of entries! Very pleased!!

24th April - BD - Arena UK

Marinaides first outing at affiliated dressage, my first time competing in a 20x60 for 9 years!! I almost remembered both tests with a minor (non!) error and whilst he did not feel on his best form, we obtained 69% and then 66% in the qualifying class! We won both our bronze sections but were 1st then 2nd overall in each section getting, prize money!!! (This is new!) So really pleased for our first attempt!

22nd April - Arena Eventing - Vale View

Marinaide was back to face the nemisis skinnies that he ran out of a few months ago, pleased that he didn't even look at them this time! We ended up 3rd with a double clear but a little slow, however speed with never be his forte!

7th April - NPS dressage finals - Addington

Marinaide was everything I could have hoped for and more, he won both his prelim & novice sections. Novice felt great too!! Sadly the music final was not for us, as I didn't prepare....however we borrowed some music and a test and still came a credible 6th which I was chuffed with!

1st April - Unaff Dressage - Brooksby

Marinaidest April had his first dressage outing for the year following an injury towards the end of 2017, he was on fine form after a week away at the beach and although the novice felt untidy we gained just over 73% back into the warm up and it all clicked, the Elementry felt fab and with 69.84% the judge agreed and we came 1st!

11th Feb - NPS Area 7 - Bury Farm - RI Qualifier

Accolaide and Mermaide were both in fine form for their first outing of the year, both having the only 2 clears of each of their height sections in the early competitive class. Mermaide was 2nd in the ex.143 section and Accolaide won and took the overall championship too! Congratulations to both Sally-Anne & Laura for their work with these ponies and what a great start to the year!

Marinaide pinging down the beach in March 2018

Accolaide RI champion at Bury farm - Feb 2018