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8th October - BE Calmsden 2

Accolaide had his first british eventing experience on Saturday and loved it! A competitive dressage and clear SJ and XC but sadly he was a bit slow, don't think he was ready for a whizzing day!! However a double clear on his first outing it fantastic! Well done to Sally Ann again.

5th/6th October - HOYs!!

Mermaide was her ever consistant self and came 6th again! Another year with laura avery where she has been enjoying lots of jumping too along with the sensible ridden classes!

Accolaide lost his HOYs workers virginity along with Sally Ann Pierson, they had a fab round but sadly a couple of poles but they both looked brilliant, so bring on next year!!

Charaide was back again, I've lost count at how many times this pony has been to the NEC now, super consistant again and went clear and 2nd, again!! So close! Lovely to catch up with Cath who owns him too,

29th September - HOYs Letter!

Lovely to receive a letter from Grandstand media to advise that Luckington Sportaide has been awarded the top new forest sire for this year, which is fantastic! Inside the same envelope which was initially missed, another letter to say that Sandra (Furzley Stud) is the top new forest stud of the year!! Looking forward to next week now!

3rd September - Moreton In The Marsh

Mermaide qualifies for the HOYs ridden!!

27th August - Breed Show

Mermaide was 2nd (again!) in the HOYs ridden, so close!! Accolaide was 2nd in the open working hunter and took the reserve working hunter championship, he also won the combined training (prelim) and Fanfaire was 5th after having a pole (no studs!) she also came 2nd in the novice dressage.

The two boys went well inhand with Barney coming 2nd in a large yearlig colt class, Toby came 3rd in the 2/3yo colt class and won the trophy for the top 2yr old

3/4th August - NPS Summer Championship - Malvern

Picket Post Barney - 1st - Yearling colt

Furzley To Be Faire - 1st - 2/3yr old colt

Furzley Accolaide - 3rd intermediate WHP final - 4th open whp final - champion in the british isles championship

Furzley Mermaide - 2nd HOYs ridden

2nd - August - Shelford Eventer Trial

Fanfaire was out again, this time at a 90cm! No dressage, just show jumps straight into XC. Last time we tried this we had one down SJ and flew the XC but were too slow as i was being careful with the height. This time I just let her go!! There were a couple of reallt meaty fences, the ditch was twice the width of previous too...however we went clear as were 2 seconds within the optimum!! So I am super pleased with her as there were a couple of big questions. They are running a league for this to go to Osberton, so we might be in with a chance after this result adding to last times 7th place too.

30th July - BE80t - Calmsden

Fanfaire produced a good dressage test, sadly a couple of horse flies seemingly cost us some marks! So 35.3 dressage, clear SJ and then clear XC and 8 seconds within the optimum! So for the 4th time in a row we finished on our dressage score!! We ended up in 6th place.

29th July - Royal International - Hickstead

Accolaide was first to go in his section and stormed round, sadly he had the skinny birch rail down with a back foot. 5th place and highest pole, then after looking at the marks he would of won if not for the pole! Super first time of being at Hickstead, lets hope he gets to go again next year!!

26/27th July - New Forest Show

Furzley Mayfaire - 6th - Competition Pony youngstock

Furzley Fanfaire - 10th - Competition Pony 4yr+

Furzley To Be Faire - 3rd - 2/3yr old colt

Furzley Fitzwilliam - 4th - 2/3yr old colt

Picket Post Paddington - 2nd - yearling colt

Furzley Mermaide - 2nd - HOYs Ridden

Furzley Accolaide - 2nd - HOYs WHP Qualifier, reserve champion and HOYs qualified!!

15th July - Stafford BE(2)

Fanfaire did her best scoring test to date of 29.3 (still about 10th in the section just on dressage) clear SJ and clear 1 second inside the time for the XC! We ended up coming 2nd which has qualified us for the Blue Chip north west regional BE80 finals in October.

12th July - NPS Area 25

Accolaide clear and 4th in the HOYs WHP, Mermaide was 4th with the highest pole in the intermediate WHP after a break from worker classes after Laura gave birth, hardly anytime out the saddle!!

2nd July - NCPA Staffs

Accolaide clear and 5th in the HOYs

26th June - NPS Area 7 - Bury Farm

Accolaide had a fab day, winning the intermediate workers and going on to stand reserve champion, then reserve champion british isles! He than came 10th in the HOYs workers

23rd June - Lincolnshire County Show

Julie Moxon took Furzley Fitzpatrick for an outing and he came a credible 3rd in the large breeds yearling class, hes growing on nicely. In the HOYs ridden Mermaide was 3rd in a strong class with lots of correct shows. Accolaide jumped a super clear in an inviting HOYs track and placed 5th.

21/22nd June - Cheshire County Show

Accolaide jumped a tough HOYs workers track on the Tuesday, a real test! Sadly he ran out of the last part of the treble, and had a pole but took on the quad with gusto which ended with a bull finch! Charaide was there with jo Callwood and he jumped a stunning clear round to come 2nd.

On the Wednesday it was the HOYs ridden, Mermaide came 2nd and Accolaide 8th

17th June - 3 Counties Show *Elite show*

A real family outing! First in were Fanfaire and F.Magician for the new forest ridden (non qualifier) and after an initial pull of bottom for Fanfaire (as it was exciting going round together!) she was pulled up to 5th which I was pleased with in a strong class! Then Toby (To Be Faire) went into the 2yr+ stallions, coming 4th place. Back in with Fanfaire and Magician for the inhand, coming 4th and 5th. Then in the yearling class barney (Picket Post Paddington) came first and Paddy (F.Fitzpatrick) 3rd. Magcian and Paddy are both owned by Julie Moxon.

Accolaide competed in the Hoys WHP whilst this was going on and sadly had a stop and a pole but so few clears over a tough course, all good learning!

Mermaide was in the HOYs ridden later in the day ridden by Amy Smith as laura is now a little too large (pregnant!) and came 10th as she was quite onward, however with some ridden marks as low as 12 due to the atmosphere, she did well! Magician ridden by Robyn Wetherall was 7th.

12th June - Deryshire Festival - Somerford

Accolaide did a super round, sadly he had a pole but still placed 9th! Mermaide competed in the first direct HOYs ridden of the year and came a credible 8th with Laura.

9th June - Unaffiliated dressage - Brooksby

Fanfaire had a quick outing for Brooksby evening dressage, warmed up well and produced a nice prelim with just a few tense moments resulting in 71.36% and first place! Onto the novice and a similar test, we decided to forget what medium was and just ran but she copes with the movements quite well, 67.92% and 2nd place so a good evening outing!

3rd June - Bath & West *Elite show*

The first 'proper' outing for the youngstock of the year. Picket post paddington won the yearling class and went on to take reserve champion! Really pleased with his first outing of the year and dealing with all the scary things that occur at these big shows! Furzley To Be Faire could of been anywhere and paid no attention to anything! Sadly not the judges cup of tea coming 5th but his behaviour is just stunning considering he has covered his first mare this season!

1st June - Suffolk County Show

Accolaide won the open working hunter class

29th May - BE80t - Shelford

Fanfaire finally did it, we won our section! A better test than usual put us in 2nd place on the dressage score alone, a clear SJ round and stormed the XC finishing 5 seconds within the optimum putting us in first place!! So pleased as our second double clear on the trot and awarded with a win! We are having a rest from eventing for a bit now due to potential house moves on the cards, so a well earned rest for us both!

22nd May - NPS Area 24 - Gillingham & Shaftsbury

ACCOLAIDE QUALIFIES FOR THE RI!!!!!! (That is all that needs to be said, except super pleased for Sally Ann Pierson!)

15th May - Northern new forest supporters group show at NPS Area XI - Solihull

Busy Day!

Accolaide was the star of the day, coming out towards the end of the day for the intermediate workers producing a super round, 10/10 for his show to stand 1st place in a strong line up! He was then the reserve champion intermediate. Onto the RI, where a tough course was testing the ponies, just 3 clears in his section. Sadly he had 2 poles but to get round was an achievement!! He then went on to take the british isles supreme! Brilliant team between him and Sally Ann!!

Fanfaire had a rare showing outing, starting with the 69-84cm training stakes, where over a twisty course we went clear and came 6th. Straight to the inhand where we came 2nd, then the ridden which was its usual tense affair (and the reason we don't do showing!) to come 7th!

Fitzpatrick was at his 2nd show with Julie Moxon, coming 3rd in the youngstock inhand (NF only) and then winning the M&M youngstock inhand later in the day. He found the first class a little exciting!!

8th May - BE80t - Keysoe1

What a day! In silly hot temps a 3pm dressage had us both sweating!! Not the best test we have done of late but improving from previous! 37.5% which put us around 10th in the section which seems our usual sort of place! Then a 2hr wait til the show jumping, watching a few poles going down and mentally thinking that I must ride each fence, especially the last!! Warmed up super, went in and got the elusive clear that has escaped us for a while at BE!! The XC was a short 3m49sec course, nothing too hairy except the 3rd and 2nd to last that were both 'meaty'! She never looked, flew the course with a time of 3m 48sec!!! Just 1 second inside the time, no stop watch used! We ended up in 3rd place which is her highest placing to date and awarded the technical merit, we were the only double clear without any penalties in the section. Super chuffed with Fanfaire.

1st May - BD Dressage - Barleyfields

Fanfaire was out again for BD! They ran the classes backwars so we started with Novice and I can confidently say it was her best test to date, much more relaxed and except not wanting to come back from the second medium trot and messing about, an almost perfect test! Resulting in 66% then onto the prelim where we were a little tense (stood for 10 mins!) but received 68.9%! So a good day out, it was also the same judge as the previous week so nice to get an uplist of 2% in the marks...the massage on Thursday may of helped! So we have qualified for the BD Native finals which are held in October.

30th April - NPS area 20 - Hickstead

Furzley Accolaide stormed round the open workers course to win the class and stand reserve champion, sadly he had a pole in the RI which cost him first place! Huge testiment to Sally Ann Piersons work with him and onto the next one!!

24th April - BD Dressage - Hargate

Fanfaire went out for her first weekend of BD in an attempt to qualify for the native pony finals, 64.5% in the prelim (a little exuberant!) so more riding in the 40 min gap between the two and into the novice obtaining 62.5% which I was pleased with as more relaxed than the earlier test. So halfway to qualifying (2 tests at each level over 60% required)

9th April - Stallion licensing

Pleased that both boys presented were passed, Furzley To Be Faire (Ridgemont Dancer x Furzley Serenaide) and Furzley Fitzwilliam (Furzley Marinaide x Ashley Elegant). We later found out that Toby (to be faire) received the highest scores excluding blood weighting!

18th March - BE80t - Stafford

Fanfaire was out again and on good form, a rather tense dressage test left us in 10th in a section of just over 40. Sadly one down in the show jumping that was a little unlucky. Onto the XC and in usual form, she whizzed round! However i had not read the updated rules about stop watches and got penalised for going too quick! So sadly the time penalties on this cost us 4th place and we ended up say I was annoyed is an understatement!! Still, onto the next...

6th March - BE80t - Aston Le Walls

Fanfaire had her first BE outing and was pretty super! Sadly due to the weather she had 2 days in (livery yard rules) and whilst she warmed up nicely, he test was quite tense but resulted in 35.2 penalties which I was pleased with! Sadly we had 2 unlucky poles in the SJ, she was going round really well and much more confident so frustrating about the poles! As for the XC....she whizzed round the boggy ground, got very close to a couple of jumps as it was that deep but clear and 5 secs inside the time!! (Only 4 managed the time!) and we ended up 12th which for a first outing I am really pleased with!

5th March - NPS area - Olney

Mermaide and laura contested their 2nd RI qualifier and came 5th with 2 poles on a super twisty course!

7th February - NPS Area 7

Mermaide and Accolaide were out for their first open workers season, both looked really well and went fantastic for Laura and Sally Ann. They competed in the novice (bsps) class first and both had super clears and both placed 3rd in their sections. Onto the RI and Mermaide had a super round, ears pricked and had a couple of poles but a brilliant round, ending up 8th and top of the 2 poles. Accolaide had a bit of a boy moment and stopped at the tricky corner/pen double but went clear after this. Lovely (albeit cold) day out and excited to see them continue this season.

31st January - Arena UK - Indoor XC

Fanfaire had a fab time round the jumps (75cm) sadly we had one down but the round went well and we got a lovely picture!!

13th January - Brooksby - Dressage

Whose idea was it to do dressage after work?! (When you work more than a 9-5!!) However as I was rushing about getting stressed, more so when my right boot wouldn't do up (who ate all the xmas pies!) Fanfaire performed her best prelim test to date and the judge agreed!!! 71.9% so I was super pleased! We stayed in the arena and straight into the novice which was a little more tense but went well and her best result again 67.9% so after all that messing around after work, prehaps its a good idea after all!!! (Placed 2nd in the prelim, 3rd in the novice)

3rd January - Brooksby - Dressage

Fanfaire enjoyed her final outing of a very busy xmas holiday (for me!) after arena eventing, sj lesson, dressage lesson and hunting...finishing off with dressage!We were quite tense as soon as we entered the arena and ended up with 62.2% in the prelim and 60.77% in the novice, only her 2nd attempt at this level but shes coping with the movements just the tension causing its same issues!