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NFM43/411 Sophia x Luckington Sportaide

Furzley Serenaide, or 'Seren' as she is known is a true performance pony and is a pleasure to ride. Since being given her as a 21st birthday present after I'd broken her we have gone from strength to strength as a team, having found our forte in dressage and jumping. In 2009 when she was 8 years old I took the decision to have her put in foal and begin her broodmare career as we had achieved so much in her 4 years of being ridden and competing, I didn't want to risk injury or accident as the eventing fences were getting huge!!

Below is a list of some her best achievements,

Fully graded at dressage 1-3  (Prelim, Novice, Elementary)

Graded at jumping 1-3 (up to 3'3")

Combined Training Champion - Breed Show

Qualified for the National UK Chasers Dressage Championships

Qualified for the NPS M&M WHP Open 

Qualified for the NPS M&M WHP Novice

Qualified for the British Dressage Area Festival - Prelim & Novice 

Qualified for Hickstead and Oldencraig dressage championships - Prelim & Novice

Qualified for the Summer Affiliated British Dressage Regionals - Prelim 

NPS Large M&M Novice Dressage - BEST OF BREED

Qualified for PUK potential competition/dressage M&M

Qualified for NPS novice ridden M&M

Qualified for PUK novice ridden M&M

Qualified for the Affiliated Dressage Winter Regionals - Prelim

Qualified for the NPS dressage championships - Prelim



Highest placed mare and stud bred


South East Dressage Championships 2008

Having qualified for a few dressage championships over the 07/08 winter season, this was our first ever trip to Hickstead. Due to the number of entries the top 3 scores in each group went forward to a 'ride off' for the final placings. The day started well with the Prelim and I was pleased with the test and was placed 4th in the group section. The novice tests went slightly better, being placed 3rd in the group section and then after repeating the test with both judges marking (sitting at 'C' and 'B'), we were finally placed 3rd overall, being placed above the 2 combinations who had just beaten us!

NPS Dressage Championships 2008 - Addington

Over the 2007/8 winter season the NPS ran a southern dressage trial, it became a great success and in 2008/9 they are running it countrywide. Another long trip for us to Addington, once again, a new venue for us both and wow....its a brilliant venue! Having qualified for the Prelim only (due to a Connemara beating us twice in the novice qual's!) it was a lovely, chilled day. The test rode well except for her looking over the edge of the arena as there is a slight drop round the edge, after a wait for the test results everyone was bought into the indoor arenas for the presentation. We came 3rd overall which I was amazed about due to the high standard of ponies who took part. Full results are available on the NPS website.


Show jumping Grading 2007


Having initially entered the grading day for the G1 SJ and G1 and G2 dressage, they day started with the SJ. After getting round the G1 (2'9") in the Ford Farm indoor school and gaining a pass with the judge permission we were allowed to progress to G2. Once again we flew round the course and acheived a 90% mark, which ended up being the highest of the day! So after the result we once again gained permission to progress to G3, once again we got round the course and acheived 85%,a joint 2nd highest score of the day! As this height was 3'3" it was the highest course we had ever jumped and knowing the dressage would take place later though it best to end it there!

Dressage Grading 2007 and 2008

In 2007 having had a busier start to the day then expected with the SJ, once the Prelim dressage had taken place (which we passed) that required significantly more leg work then usual I decided it was best not to continue to the Novice as we were both shattered and it was a very warm day. So in 2008 we entered the Novice and Elementary tests and completed both, so we are now fully graded in dressage having had a successful year in all our dressage competitions

Cross Country

In 2007 we attended our first hunter trial, which then led onto a few other trials and an unaff ODE. Seren has taken well to XC but takes exception to water fences and drops which is something in 2008 we are working on, having entered our first BE INTRO event in August 2008 at Chilham park on a ticket.

2008 - We have worked hard this year with the XC to increase our confidence over certain types of fences. Having completed out first affiliated ODE at chilham park on a ticket the ground conditions and not having studs led to SJ faults and time faults in both jumping fazes. Later in 2008 about a month after their affiliated competition they held an unaffiliated version...and we won, with no faults in the jumping fazes!

2009 - July - We competed at Eridge Park in the BE90, coming approx 14th in the section. As she has struggled with fitness we took it steady to ensure we got round! Later in the year after she had been covered (returned the size of a house!) and lots of hard work getting fit again we competed at Chilham Parks Unaff ODE and prior to the XC round were in contention for 1st place, however due to previous competitions finding we struggled on time I found a short cut and really pushed, so we ended up 1 min under the optimum time so were penalised!!Great fun and a fantastic end to her eventing career.

Cobham Manor

At the livery yard (Cobham Manor) where I kept Seren whilst she was in Kent they regularly hold Unaff and Aff dressage and SJ competitions, so occasionally when they hold the unaff SJ and I'm about I enter and have a pop around the BJSA level course. Whilst letting the side down as I don't tend to have show gear on!

This is the 1.05m which we struggled round having just been dragged out the field (gate in the background of the picture!) but we came 2nd!

Beach rides at Camber Sands
When living in Maidstone, an hours drive away was Camber Sands where, within time limits your allowed to ride. Its brilliant fun and after a little persuasion she was quite happy to go for a little swim!
Oldencraig Dressage Championships 2008

Oldencraig Dressage Championships 2008
What a beautiful place! This was our first visit to Oldencraig and it was a successful day, we came 6th in both the prelim and novice classes against some tough competition, so we won 2 caps!! As you can see by the picture, after the presentations she became a little excited!

UK Chasers championships 2008
Over the winter of 07/08 we qualified for the UK Chasers regional finals, so decided to become a member and see how it went! It became a good decision as we then won the regional competition in both Prelim and Novice to allow us to make the long journey to Vale View in Leicestershire to compete in the National finals. Sadly she wasn't quite on form probably due to a long journey and being out of routine but we did a nice prelim test and if I hadn't of forgotten a give and retake we would have been placed but ended up 7th! The Novice test felt slightly better but she had tired by then (certainly not normal!) and we ended up 8th. It was an enjoyable break and glad we made the trip 'back north'!